Communion Sanctorum – The History of the Christian Church is a short-format podcast on the history of the Christian church from the 1st Century to the present. They release weekly. It began out of my desire to find a Church History podcast similar to Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome, […]

Welcome to Communio Sanctorum

We left off last time with the close of the Diet of Worms where Martin Luther informed the august assembled officials of both civil government & Church, that he’d not recant what he’d either written or said, because his opponents weren’t able to refute him with Scripture. From the now […]

500 Years – Part 02 / The Gift

Since we’re rapidly approaching the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we begin a short series on it’s beginning. Most would do so with the career of Martin Luther. But as long time CS subscribers know, I usually buck the trend and do something else. à Why disappoint? So we begin […]

500 Years • Part 1 // The Stage Is Set

In Season 1 we spent a little time tracking the Enlightenment’s impact on the Christian Faith. Dual impetuses emerged; one leading to Liberalism, the other to Fundamentalism, which was the reaction of Orthodoxy to the challenges of Liberalism. In this episode, we’ll drill down a bit more on Christian Liberalism. […]

Heretics – Part 09 // Hanging On

Years ago I watched a TV show with fascination as the host, james Burke, started with a single item then over the course of the next hour, showed it’s link to something else, then that to something else, until after a dozen seemingly disconnected links it arrived at some marvel […]

Heretics – Part 08 // Templars

One of the most interesting moments in Church History comes in the conflict over the use of images in Worship. It’s born of the reality that Christianity has its roots in Judaism but had vast appeal among pagan Gentiles. During the time of the Kings of Judah & Israel, Israel […]

Heretics – Part 07 // Imagery

One of the features of Church History is the tendency for the theological pendulum to swing to one extreme, then back in the other direction to another. At the risk of being simplistic but in an attempt to keep it brief, let me condense things like this . . . […]

Heretics – Part 06 // That Pendulum Thing

As we’ve seen in other episodes, theologically, the Church spent the 4th & 5th Cs figuring out exactly how to articulate what it believed about the nature of God & Jesus. The main questions it dealt with in the 5th thru 7th Cs, centered on how God saves the lost. […]

Heretics – Part 05 // Was He Really?

This episode of CS will be significantly different from our usual fare. Whereas when I give commentary on things, I usually verbally mark it off by giving a caveat and saying I’m offering an opinion. Well, this entire episode is that. Here’s why . . . and hang with me […]

Heretics – Part 04 // Compelling Issues

We’re going to go forward in time from our last episode nearly a millennium. Last time we talked about the Gnostics and the serious challenge they presented the Early Church. The dualism that lay at the heart of Gnosticism continued to rear its hoary head in the centuries that followed. […]

Heretics – Part 03 // Can’t Keep a Certain Heresy ...

For 2nd generation Christians—let’s say, those who came to faith after AD 70, Jesus became less a person they’d personally known, or the friend of a friend—but more of a mysterious agent in a cosmic drama. Because so many of today’s pseudo-Christian cults deny Jesus’ deity, it comes as a […]

Heretics – Part 02 // The First Heretics