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Communion Sanctorum – The History of the Christian Church is a short-format podcast on the history of the Christian church from the 1st Century to the present. They release weekly. It began out of my desire to find a Church History podcast similar to Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome, […]

Welcome to Communio Sanctorum

We wrap up our review of the Enlightenment effect on the Church in Europe by looking at Scandinavia, The Dutch United Provinces, Geneva, and Italy. Transcript

140-Up North, Then South

Thanks all for voting for CS in the Podcast Awards. We were up against Al Mohler’s “The Briefing” which has oodles of subscribers, so it’s doubtful we won. But hey, we again made it into the top 10, which ain’t at all shabby. The Awards will be given out on […]

UPDATE: Podcast Awards

In this episode we finish off our look at the French Church of the 17th to 18th Centuries, then consider the impact of the German Enlightenment on the church in Germany. Transcript


We back up a bit in this episode to take a look at what happened in France in the 17th Century with the demise of the Divine Right of Kings.

138-Backing Up

Was able to get a new episode done a week early, so there will be an episode posting Sunday June 5th. Reformation Tour Update: Sign up at Reformation Tours. The main origination location is Los Angeles. But you can join us from anywhere.

UPDATE: Episode 138 Posts Sunday June 5 & Tour Update

We look at Theological Liberalism and the Social Gospel, as well as a brief glance at the reaction to it of Fundamentalism.

137-Then Away

Dear CS Listeners & Subscribers, I have an important favor to ask. CS has been hosted for the previous year for free at the excellent Pritchard Websites. I want to thank Mike for his patient & fine service. That year of free service is at an end. It’s time to […]

Query: Gathering Feedback from CS Subscribers

The Second Great Awakening. Episode begins with updates on the 2016 Podcast Awards & The 2017 CS Reformation Tour.

135-A Second Awakening

The disestablishment of churches in the new United States. The impact of the Revolutionary War on the religious scene and the spiritual decline that marked the era just after the founding of the Nation.