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Communion Sanctorum – The History of the Christian Church is a short-format podcast on the history of the Christian church from the 1st Century to the present. They release weekly. It began out of my desire to find a Church History podcast similar to Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome, […]

Welcome to Communio Sanctorum

We take a look at what’s happening in the Eastern Church during the 17th to 20th Century. Transcript


Christianity as a religion becomes a diminishing factor in the political affairs of 19th Century Europe and Latin America. Transcript

143-Coming Apart

CS did NOT win our category of the 2016 Podcast Awards. And to be blunt, Thank goodness! Looks like there were some major shenanigans in the voting process. It’s hard to understand how The Briefing by Al Mohler, a M-F analysis of the news from a Biblical Worldview, didn’t win. […]

UPDATE: 2016 Podcast Awards

We look at the church under the Ottoman Turks after the Fall of Constantinople. We then look at the Ukrainian Uniate Church and the Russian Orthodox Church during the reign of the Romanovs. Transcript

141-Behind Enemy Lines

We wrap up our review of the Enlightenment effect on the Church in Europe by looking at Scandinavia, The Dutch United Provinces, Geneva, and Italy. Transcript

140-Up North, Then South

In this episode we finish off our look at the French Church of the 17th to 18th Centuries, then consider the impact of the German Enlightenment on the church in Germany. Transcript


We back up a bit in this episode to take a look at what happened in France in the 17th Century with the demise of the Divine Right of Kings. Transcript

138-Backing Up

We look at Theological Liberalism and the Social Gospel, as well as a brief glance at the reaction to it of Fundamentalism.

137-Then Away