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Communion Sanctorum – The History of the Christian Church is a short-format podcast on the history of the Christian church from the 1st Century to the present. They release weekly. It began out of my desire to find a Church History podcast similar to Mike Duncan’s excellent The History of Rome, […]

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Lib v Evan
The work of the Protestant Liberal theologians Schleiermacher & Ristchl. The Evangelical response. The title of this 148th episode is Liberal v Evangelical In our last episode, we considered the philosophical roots of Theological Liberalism. In this episode we’ll name names as we look at the early leaders and innovators […]

148-Liberal v Evangelical

Luther's Desk
This is not really a regular CS episode on Church History; it’s a brief review of the Reformation Tour we’re taking March 6-19, 2017. Visit Reforamtion Tours for more information

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Part 3 in our looks at Theological Liberalism. A summary Biblical Criticism and Liberalism’s overall goal in merging reason & faith. The title of this 147th episode is Why So Critical? Two episodes back we introduced the themes that would lead eventually to what’s called by many Theological Liberalism. Last […]

147-Why So Critical

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The Roman Church’s response to Modernism in the mid to late 19th Century. Pius IX’s development of Papal Infallibility. The title of this 146th episode is Push-Back As we move to wind up this season of CS, we’ve entered into the modern era in our review of Church history and […]

146-Push Back

We examine the impact of the tendency for modernization to foster a creeping secularism in the 19th C. The title of this 145th episode of CS is Liberal. The term “modern” as it relates to the story of history, has been treated differently by dozens of authors, historians and sociologists. […]


We take a look at what’s happening in the Eastern Church during the 17th to 20th Century. The title of this 144th episode is Coping. A quick announcement before we dive in. Go to the sanctorum.us website or the CS FB page and hit the link to the 2017 Reformation […]


Christianity as a religion becomes a diminishing factor in the political affairs of 19th Century Europe and Latin America. This 143rd episode of CS is titled Coming Apart Europe in the late 19th C was recovering from the Napoleonic Wars. War-weary, the nations longed for a prolonged period of peace […]

143-Coming Apart

The impact of the French Revolution on the Church in France. The title of this 142 episode of CS is “Off with Their Heads.” In this installment of the podcast, we’re going to give a brief review of The French Revolution, which may not seem at first blush to have […]

142-Off with Their Heads

CS did NOT win our category of the 2016 Podcast Awards. And to be blunt, Thank goodness! Looks like there were some major shenanigans in the voting process. It’s hard to understand how The Briefing by Al Mohler, a M-F analysis of the news from a Biblical Worldview, didn’t win. […]

UPDATE: 2016 Podcast Awards

We look at the church under the Ottoman Turks after the Fall of Constantinople. We then look at the Ukrainian Uniate Church and the Russian Orthodox Church during the reign of the Romanovs. This 141st, episode is titled, Behind Enemy Lines. Following up their conquest of Constantinople in 1453, the […]

141-Behind Enemy Lines