Month: November 2013

06-BOGO file | Play in new windowThis week’s episode is titled “Buy One, Get One Free.” In the last episode we touched briefly at a heretic named Marcion. He was one of the first to introduce a false teaching that would evolve into a major challenge to the emerging Christian Faith; that errant movement was known as Gnosticism. Marcion was the son of the pastor of the church in Pontus, on the Southern coast of the Black Sea. He was a ship-owner sailing passengers & shipping cargo throughout the Empire. Around AD 140, Marcion’s father disfellowshipped him from the...

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05-Writings file | Play in new windowThis episode is titled “Writings.” The history of the Christian Faith & Church inevitably has to deal with the importance of Books. From its earliest days the Faith has been intimately linked to the Scriptures. At first, Scripture was the Hebrew Bible or what is known today as the Old Testament. But other writings were added to the Church’s Bible as the years passed. The question of what writings to include in the Bible was one of the major topics of discussion during the first 4 centuries. But the question of what ought...

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04-Martyrs file | Play in new windowThis 4th Episode is titled, “Martyrs.” Modern marketing tactics first produced, and now feed contemporary culture’s obsession for “the latest thing.”  The slogan & label “New & Improved” is a frequent feature in packaging. The opposite was the case in 1st Century Rome. That Eternal City, and really most of the ancient world, was suspicious of anything new and novel, especially when it came to ideas. They had tremendous respect for tradition, believing what was true had already been discovered and needed to be preserved. Innovation was grudgingly accepted, but only in so...

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03-Strategic file | Play in new windowThis week’s episode is titled “Strategic.” We ended the last episode with a look at the different perspectives of 1st & 2nd Generation Christians. The debate centered on what role the Jewish law held for Jesus’ followers. Culturally-immersed 1st Generation Jewish believers tended to cleave to the law, while the more Greco-Roman acculturated 2nd & later generations adhered to the Gospel as articulated by the Apostle Paul. Keep in mind that Paul’s arrival at the Gospel of Grace through Faith wasn’t an easy journey. He began as a strict Pharisee, fanatically loyal to...

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02-Transitions file | Play in new windowThis episode of CS is titled – “Transitions” We ended the previous episode with Jesus on the cross just outside the walls of Jerusalem late Friday afternoon. The Jewish leaders & Romans thought that was the last of the enigmatic trouble-maker from Galilee. For that matter, His followers thought that was the end as well. If that HAD BEEN the end of Jesus’ story, how might history have labeled Him? Modern skeptics who consider the resurrection a mythic post-script, added by Jesus’ later followers, cast Jesus as a religious & social reformer; one...

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