Month: May 2017

Creeds – Part 08 file | Play in new windowIn the last couple episodes we’ve set the scene for the Council of Ephesus in 431. Last time we did biographies of the two main players at the Council, Nestorius and Cyril. We ended with a brief review of their different Christologies; that is, how they viewed the dual nature of Christ as God & Man. Let’s pick it up now with the events leading to the Council. While Cyril was experienced in the art of ecclesiastical politics and had the support of the, what shall we call them? Let’s go with, pugilistic...

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Creeds – Part 07 file | Play in new windowIn the last episode, we introduced the political situation framing the debate that ensued between two church leaders at the Council of Ephesus in 431. Those two leaders were Nestorius, Patriarch of the Capital Church at Constantinople and Cyril, arch-bishop at Alexandria. Let’s get in to the background on these two men so we can better understand the brueha that happened at Ephesus. Nestorius was appointed as Patriarch of the Church in Constantinople by the Emperor Theodosius II in 428 after the death of the previous Patriarch, Sisinnius I.  The godly Sisinnius only...

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Creeds – Part 06 file | Play in new windowBuckle up for this episode, because it’s a rocky ride. We’ve come to the Third Ecumenical Church Council. And for those of you who remember this one from Season 1, you know where in for troubled times. We’re looking at the Council of Ephesus in 431 and the battle between Cyril & Nestorius. The First Council at Nicaea in 325 dealt with the challenge of Arianism and it’s goofy ideas about the deity of Christ. It produced the Nicaean Creed, which became the standard statement of orthodox Christianity. But Arians managed to finagle...

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Creeds – Part 05 file | Play in new windowThis is part 5 of our series on the Creeds in which we’ll be taking a look at the First Council of Constantinople. In Part 3 we looked at the First Council of Nicaea in 325. While the Church had a lot to deal with in the decades that followed, they didn’t convene another Council for almost 60 yrs. And before we dive into that Second Council, we need to back up a bit because it can get confusing keeping track of all these councils and how they relate to the Creeds. Both...

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