Month: July 2017

Heretics – Part 04 // Compelling Issues file | Play in new windowThis episode of CS will be significantly different from our usual fare. Whereas when I give commentary on things, I usually verbally mark it off by giving a caveat and saying I’m offering an opinion. Well, this entire episode is that. Here’s why . . . and hang with me for a bit because it’s going to take a little time to explain. This series on Heretics, of which this is Part 4, assumes a right and wrong perspective on Christian Doctrine. To call a belief or person heretical, means accepting some standard...

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Heretics – Part 03 // Can’t Keep a Certain Heresy Down file | Play in new windowWe’re going to go forward in time from our last episode nearly a millennium. Last time we talked about the Gnostics and the serious challenge they presented the Early Church. The dualism that lay at the heart of Gnosticism continued to rear its hoary head in the centuries that followed. It was part & parcel of the Zoroastrianism & Manichaeanism rooted in Persia and was the official faith of the Sassanid Empire. Dualistic ideas were so popular, they managed to infiltrate many Christians communities in both the eastern and western halves of the...

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Heretics – Part 02 // The First Heretics file | Play in new windowFor 2nd generation Christians—let’s say, those who came to faith after AD 70, Jesus became less a person they’d personally known, or the friend of a friend—but more of a mysterious agent in a cosmic drama. Because so many of today’s pseudo-Christian cults deny Jesus’ deity, it comes as a surprise that the earliest of the heresies to trouble the Church had no problem accepting Jesus’ divine status. What they struggled with was accepting His humanity. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up … The first couple generations of Christians assumed...

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Heretics – Part 01 // What is Heresy? file | Play in new windowWe start a new series here in Season 2 of CS. This time we’ll take a look at some of the notable Heretics & Heresies in Church History. Most of these we covered in Season 1. This time we’ll go a bit deeper. As we do, we just might discover that some of those movements and groups that have been classed as heretical, weren’t. Aberrant maybe, but heretical, not! As has been said; Winners write history. They get to tell the tale. It seems at least some of the reporting of Church officials...

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