Month: September 2017

500 Years – Part 02 // The Gift file | Play in new windowWe left off last time with the close of the Diet of Worms where Martin Luther informed the august assembled officials of both civil government & Church, that he’d not recant what he’d either written or said, because his opponents weren’t able to refute him with Scripture. From the now emerging Protestant perspective Worms was a turning point from which there was no going back. Reading of the events in that improvised hall in the German town of Worms, we get the idea that Luther issued his memorable declaration of devotion to Scripture...

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500 Years – Part 01 // The Stage Is Set file | Play in new windowSince we’re rapidly approaching the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we begin a short series on it’s beginning. Most would do so with the career of Martin Luther. But as long time CS subscribers know, I usually buck the trend and do something else. à Why disappoint? So we begin with a look at another monumental figure of history that just so happened to be in that room that day at Worms when Luther was on trial for his ideas and writings. He’s known to history as Holy Roman Emperor — Charles V....

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Heretics – Part 09 // Hanging On file | Play in new windowIn Season 1 we spent a little time tracking the Enlightenment’s impact on the Christian Faith. Dual impetuses emerged; one leading to Liberalism, the other to Fundamentalism, which was the reaction of Orthodoxy to the challenges of Liberalism. In this episode, we’ll drill down a bit more on Christian Liberalism. Those promoting theological liberalism hoped to bring Protestantism into the modern world of science, philosophy, and secular history. The pastor of the hugely influential Riverside Church in NYC & champion of Liberalism Harry Emerson Fosdick wrote in his autobiography that he aimed to...

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