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Evangelicalism file | Play in new windowIn this episode of CS, we’ll take a look at something many of our listeners are familiar with; at least, they think their familiar with it – Evangelicalism. Not a few of them would describe themselves as Evangelicals.  But if pressed to describe what exactly that means, they’d be hard pressed to say. And they have little to know awareness of the historical roots of the movement they are indeed a part of. // So, let’s start off with a little definition of terms. Evangelicalism is a global movement within Protestantism that crosses...

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Communio Sanctorum This podcast is an attempt to give believers a popular and non-academic review of Church History.     ABOUT About Communio Sanctorum BIBLIOGRAPHY Recommended Resources ABOUT LANCE RALSTON Lance Ralston is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, (Ventura County, California, USA) which began in the fall of 1982. BLOGS & PODCASTS UPDATE: Season 1 / 3rd Edition February 4, 2018 / Lance Ralston / 3 Comments on UPDATE: Season 1 / 3rd Edition The first four episodes of the 3rd Edition of Season 1 are now up ...Read More Behind the Scenes at CS January 21, 2018 / Lance Ralston / No Comments on Behind the Scenes at CS You may notice no episode posted today. That's because CS is being re-vamped. We have a ...Read More Some, Not Others January 14, 2018 / Lance Ralston / No Comments on Some, Not Others Think I’m on safe ground when I say à Those listening to this are mostly likely ...Read More Just Doing the Job January 7, 2018 / Lance Ralston / No Comments on Just Doing the Job Taken as a whole, leaders demonstrate a wide array of skills and talent. While great leaders ...Read More Come Outers December 17, 2017 / Lance Ralston / No Comments on Come Outers During the early-mid 19th C, an interesting phenomenon spread over the thinking of parts...

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Eusebius file | Play in new windowIn this Episode of CS we’ll take a look at a figure of church history anyone who’s done any reading in such has likely encountered – Eusebius of Caesarea. He’s a prominent figure because he’s known as the Father of Church history for his classic work Ecclesiastical History which charts the course of the early church from its inception to the late 3rd C. His history of the Church was originally composed in 10 volumes. He began it during the Great Persecution of 303–313 and completed it around 315. Over the next 10...

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Ecumenism file | Play in new window In his marvelous one volume book on Church History, Bruce Shelley relates how the World Council of Churches came up with its motto. In 1962, its General Secretary, Willem Hooft, met a delegation of Russian Orthodox leaders in a Leningrad hotel over breakfast. The Russians complained the current WCC motto left out a crucial element of their theology, without which they couldn’t join.  They needed to see some reference to the Trinity, however brief. From discussions with many Protestant groups, Hooft knew what kept them from joining; an absence in the motto...

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500 Years – Part 6 // The Way It Was file | Play in new windowThe title of this episode, Part 6 in the Series 500 Yrs, in commemoration of the Half-Millennial anniversary of The Reformation, is “The Way It Was;” a brief look at popular religion of the Middle and Late Middle Ages in Europe. We’ve spent most of our time in this series on the Reformers, many of whom were professional clergy before they broke with Rome. A fair question to ask is, “What was religion like for commoners, peasants; the vast majority of the population?” Since it was only the clergy and a handful of...

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