Here are the books I’m using in studying for this podcast.

Pagan Rome and the Early Christians Benko, Stephen (Indiana University Press) 1984

Church History in Plain Language, 2nd Edition Shelley, Bruce L. (Thomas Nelson Publishers) 1982

History of the Christian Church Schaff, Philip (WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company) 1910

The History of Christianity: First Century to the Present Day Dowley, Tim (Lion Publishing) 1977

Christianity and the Hellenistic World Nash, Ronald H. (Zondervan) 1984

The Spreading Flame Bruce, F.F. (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company) 1958

Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History Boyle, Isaac (Baker Book House) 1955

Miller’s Church History Miller, Andrew (Bible Truth Publishers) 1980

Christianity through the Centuries: A History of the Christian Church Cairns, Earle E. (Academie Books) 1954

How Christianity Changed the World Schmidt, Alvin J. (Zondervan) 2001

The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History Curtis, A. Kenneth; Lang, J. Stephen; Petersen, Randy (Fleming H. Revel) 1991

Pagans and Christians Fox, Robin Lane (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.) 1986

A History of Christianity, Latourette, Kenneth Scott (Harper & Row) 1953

Heroes & Heretics: Pivotal Moments in 20 Centuries of the Church Campbell, Iain D. (Christian Focus) 2004

Heresies: The Image of Christ in the Mirror of Heresy and Orthodoxy from the Apostles to the Present Brown, Harold O. J. (Baker Book House) 1984

The Apostolic Fathers, 2nd Edition Harmer, J.R.; Holmes, Michael W.; Lightfoot, J.B. (Baker Book House) 1989

Creeds of the Churches: A Reader in Christian Doctrine from the Bible to the Present, 3rd Edition Leith, John H. (John Knox Press) 1963

Giorgi, Rosa, The History of the Church in Art, Getty Publications; Los Angeles, California; 2008

Pollock, John C., Fistful of Heroes, Christian Focus Publications; Ross-shire, Scotland; 1998

Riley-Smith, Jonathan, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades; Oxford University Press; Oxford, New York; 1995

Ferguson, Everett; Church History Vols. 1 & 2: Zondervan; 2005

González, Justo L.; The Story of Christianity: Vols 1 & 2:Harper Collins

Brown, Peter; Through the Eye of a Needle: Princeton University Press; 2012

Haykin, Michael; Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Crossway; 2011

Holcomb, Justin; Know the Creeds and Councils: Zondervan; 2014