This is a special announcement for subscribers to the audio podcast > Communio Sanctorum – History of the Christian Church.

CS has been rolled over into my new online teaching presence which you can find at > Into His The entire Church History series is being re-done in video, on the YouTube channel of the same name > IntoHisImage.

I’ll keep the CS website & Facebook page up for a while, but will eventually take them down since all the necessary information and much more will be available at the new site.

So head on over to the new website at and the FB page at

There’s also a Telegram channel. Just search for IntoHisImage (this link)

Besides History of the Christian Church, you’ll find many other resources for Leadership and Bible study as I’m posting there the regular teaching I do at the church here I serve as pastor.

I want to close out this short announcement with a word of the deepest gratitude for the many subscribers to CS over the years. It’s been a while since I posted fresh material, so many one-time subscribers disconnected. But others stayed – waiting for more. Your loyalty means a lot. I hope you’ll find the new offerings at more than you hoped for.